Web And Semantic Web


Web 3.0

Web 3.0 can be considered as an individualized web. This “Semantic Web”… Artificial Intelligence…

“Semantic” means the meaning of a word in its most basic form.

With the Web 3.0, it will no longer be understood not only the words contained in a document, but also the “meaning” it contains. In this way, the search engines will be smarter, and what we actually want to call, the web page actually can understand what it actually wants to say. For example, one -specificized search results we encounter on Google is a result of this technology. It no longer gets the same results when the person X and Y people look for the word “food ında in search engines. Because this type of sites analyze your web history, that is, based on the traces you leave on the Internet, bringing you the appropriate search results.

Another example of this is the Facebook site. Thanks to the “face recognition feature” you add a photo on Facebook, it either automatically label the people in the photo or provides convenience with personal suggestions in labeling.

I gave examples of writing and photo. What about videos ?? Yes, in the videos, semantic web technology has received its share. It continues to increase the use of artificial intelligence in Google products. The most exciting one of these products is the application called “Video Intelligence Application Programming Interface). With this application, users have the opportunity to search for specific objects in videos. To date, users have been able to access the files they want with the names given to the pictures in Google Visuals and the objects contained in the image. From now on, we will be able to find the objects that will be useful with the new technology developed by writing the objects in the search bar. In this service, which will be possible to control the movements within a long -term security camera image by entering certain labels, the issue of safety will be used in a very common way. (https://chloud.google.com/products/machine-learning/?hl=en)

Web 4.0

What is web 4.0?

It is the technology that moves away from physical discs and installed completely on virtual networks…

It is an operating system and web technology architecture with artificial intelligence, as we have come across online networks and everything with 100 gigabit connections and tape range per second is now found in online networks. Web 4.0 can detect problems with coded artificial intelligence and produce solutions.

Today, some webos applications such as Youos, G.Ho.st, Glide, Goowy, Desktoptwo and Google Docs & Spreadsheets are web 4.0 applications. The most important features offered by these applications for now, the individual's time and space independent, working on the web without the need to install any programs on the computer, HTML regulatory, content management tools, notepad, file installer, calendar, calculator, address book, chat, chat Creating documents, imaging of pictures.

In short, it is to do everything we can do on the computer on the internet.

It is the move of real life to the virtual environment.

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