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Return Policy
Return Period: You can return the original purchases within seven (7) days from the date of delivery, without destroying the products you purchased, without using the original box, and without disturbing the resaleability of the product, without damage to its accessories and with its foams and if present.

In the products you send to return, you can find the exact and complete items in the special conditions below. If any of these are missing, the product is not accepted. Returned or exchanged goods will be returned to you with the cargo fee and the cargo return amount is deducted from the amount to be returned to your account is transferred.
If the returned items are delivered in accordance with the return conditions, the technical items will be processed within 3 days following the day on which the product amounts determined to be appropriate are received and returned to us and the item is approved by the customer.
1- With all the copies of the product invoice (if the invoice of the Authority is found with the return invoice and if it is determined that the customer is responsible for the shipping cost as a result, we will only have the cost of goods and VAT,
2- By writing your order number in your wet signed petition indicating why you are returning.
3- The products returned within 7 days should be delivered to our original address without destroying the original packaging of the product, if any, with the booklet and standard accessories, complete, undamaged and unused, without disturbing the resaleability of the product. Products that are affixed on the original box with cargo stickers, cargo parcel bands, and are not available for purchase by another customer are not accepted.
4- It is not possible to return goods with contracted services (Phone Subscription, Warranty Package, Service Package etc.), products with protection band, special purchase orders, special items, special campaigns and opportunity prices. Due to copyrights, some products such as DVD, CD-Game, Game, Film and Cell Phone, Consumables (toner, cartridge, tape etc.) can be replaced with the same product, initiative and evaluation can be done on or evaluation is negative It will not be possible to return it.
5- For products that may have a problem of incompatibility, ordering should be done with support from the compatibility department or from the official importer of the product. This type of product is not possible when original boxes or banners are opened. Software products, Memory cards, some computer hardware and complementary products, etc. Accessories.
6- Even if the money is requested in the exchanges and the cargo fee is included, the remaining balance will be refunded according to the payment method of the customer after deducting the payment service fee, cargo fee, gift package fee and similar payments.
7- The customer is obliged to reimburse the delivered product with the condition that it has been delivered to, and to compensate for the loss of the commercial value of the good if the damage is due to use and it proves to us with the procedures we have explained and the procedure documented by the cargo officer at the time of delivery.
8- In case we do not find a situation that is not in accordance with the evaluation criteria stated in the above items in the product and package, the products sent directly by our customer will not be refunded and will not be refunded.
9- It is necessary to apply on our site for products that you determined to be defective or defective or for which you request a refund.
10- Robotpark reserves the right to change it when it deems necessary. The financial solution and payment method is the solution and the form that exists on that day by
Refunds are made according to the payment method and your refund period varies depending on your bank's procedures and the time of the withdrawal. Refunds made to the credit card are reflected within 2-3 weeks at the latest, and payments made by money order are reflected within 1 week at the latest. Please contact your bank after your return is processed.
When your order is cargoed, your delivery address is automatically transferred to the shipping company's system without any change and the shipment process continues in this direction. The delivery branches are removed by the cargo company to the branch which is connected to your address. Therefore, it is not a sahibindenkarli-dependent choice for the delivery of the product.
 If your cargo is sent to the wrong adress or branch, if you inform us by phone, the cargo company will be informed and the routing process will be done as soon as possible.
The carriers we work with leave a compass in the door if they can not reach anyone at the delivery address. This compass contains the address and phone number of the cargo ship that delivered to you. You expect your cargo branch to stay for 3 days

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