What are the advantages of artificial intelligence?



Artificial intelligence and its applications bring many different advantages. These advantages enable the reshaping of the human world and technology. The advantages provided by artificial intelligence can be summarized as follows:

● Automation: Automation, one of the most important advantages brought by artificial intelligence technology; It also has significant impacts on areas such as consumer products, transportation, communications and service industries. With automation, production rates increase in relevant sectors and direct productivity increases. While it also increases the quality of the products, it also provides the opportunity to use raw materials more efficiently.
● Smart Decision Making: Thanks to artificial intelligence and its application areas; Trainings can be analyzed comprehensively, uncertainties can be measured and the best decisions can be made for companies.
● Improved Customer Experience: Artificial intelligence provides supported solutions in many different areas. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the burden of personnel in customer service positions is reduced while productivity increases. At the same time, companies respond to customers' suggestions and complaints much faster and situations are handled efficiently.
● Research and Data Analysis: With artificial intelligence, data can be analyzed very efficiently and models and algorithms are created against the possible outcomes of different scenarios.
● Increased Work Efficiency: Artificial intelligence allows companies to provide the same efficiency and performance throughout the day, thanks to the work efficiency it provides.

What are the Application Areas of Artificial Intelligence?
The question "What are the application areas of artificial intelligence?" is among the most frequently asked questions. Although many people are not aware of it, they communicate with artificial intelligence systems in many different areas of daily life. The answer to the question in which areas artificial intelligence is used can be explained as follows:

● Chat Robots: Chat robots, defined as "Chatbots", simulate user conversations with the help of NLP.
● Voice Assistants: Voice assistants that work offline, such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri, use NLP to interpret and accurately analyze speech.
● Autonomous Vehicles: Thanks to artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles are enabled to overcome complex situations and stay away from obstacles.
● Netflix and Recommendation System: Netflix's recommendation system is supported by artificial intelligence algorithms. This will recommend movies and shows you're most likely to watch.
● Cyber Security: Threats to companies are prevented with artificial intelligence. At this point, artificial intelligence detects the security vulnerabilities of the system and suggests precautions against the security vulnerabilities it detects.


What might be the uses of artificial intelligence that await us in the future? At this point, many scientists claim that artificial intelligence may bring two different possibilities. These two possibilities are a utopian or dystopian future. However, in addition to these claims, it is also unclear whether the future will always support artificial intelligence.

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