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 What is Automation?

What is Automation?

With the developing industry, the need for manpower is decreasing.

In summary, automation is the name given to the process of automatic work being done by robots or artificial intelligence in scientific or managerial works in industries, instead of human resources. In automation, work is shared with humans. That's why we have two concepts: semi and full automation. In semi-automation, there are systems in which people take on more tasks. In full automation, we encounter systems in which machines are more involved. New developments are constantly coming to the fore in the industry. That's why industries are unable to keep up with the power of others by using human power alone. Industrial companies plan to accelerate the transition to automation systems in order to keep up with technology. In this way, they think that they can easily participate in the competition by catching up with the power of other industries. Industries that use full automation are one step ahead of their other competitors.

Advantages of Using Automation
Since there will be much less need for manpower in a fully automated system, you will not have to pay extra employees. This opens great doors to savings in the business. Instead of employing workers for the long term, you can make more profits in a shorter period of time by establishing an automation system in the short term. In systems that require manpower, you can minimize the possibility of damage with automation systems that will reduce human error to zero. Automation systems, which can perform operations such as reports, alarms and controls when necessary by keeping vital values such as pressure, temperature and level in industrial production centers under constant surveillance, change the fate of processes.

You can run automation systems 24/7. This way, you are constantly in production. It will be much more beneficial for you to produce more than your competitors and respond to demands quickly. That's why we can determine this as the most important item among automation advantages.

Automation Types
Automations include artificial intelligence that works from barcodes in the market to robots used in factories. You can see the automation usage areas in detail in the list below.

Computer assembly manufacturing
flexible production
Computer manufacturing systems
Information Technology
Numerically controlled equipment
Where Automations Are Used
With the automation system, we can do a job faster by saving manpower. This is frequently encountered in assembling ship parts, aircraft parts and car parts. Thanks to robots in factories, a combination of vehicles or aircraft can be achieved by working 10 times faster than human power. Moreover, joints made with robots are much more robust than human power.

You can get accurate and affordable automation system suggestions for your processes by consulting RST Measurement Control and Automation systems engineers free of charge. You should remember that the right system brings the right size, and the right size brings success, and you should entrust your production centers to experts in their fields. You can contact us.

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