Computer Hardware and Hardware Parts


 Hardware is the name given to all the parts that make up an electronic device. These parts can create many products from washing machines to automobiles. There are two types of equipment: internal equipment and external equipment. Internal hardware is the placement of a piece of hardware inside another piece of hardware. External hardware is the name given to hardware that is located in an independent case and is not connected to another case. The best example of external hardware is USB memory sticks. It is also possible to classify equipment as input and output. If the hardware is used to transfer data from the external environment into the computer, it is called input hardware, and if it is used to transfer data from the computer to the external environment, it is called output hardware.

Computer Hardware
We call all the parts that make up a computer computer hardware. Computer hardware consists of two parts: internal hardware and external hardware. It is possible to make this distinction between the parts inside and outside the case.

Hardware Parts
We divide computer hardware parts into two: internal hardware parts and external hardware parts. Interior equipment parts; main board, processor, RAM, hard disk, sound card, video card, ethernet and modem. External hardware parts are; case, keyboard, mouse, headset, speaker, printer, scanner and monitor.

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