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    Trend Software Technologies

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     The software technolologies of the future are actually the technologies that show itself slowly today or that will be so trendy today.

    When I say software technology, I mean trends in many areas such as “teamwork, database, software language” from a very holistic perspective. is a site that I have been following for a long time… Here, companies, initiatives enter the technologies they use in various categories. In this way, the trend list is determined. Every technology is compared with advantages and disadvantages. I will also reference DBengine in database technologies.

    Let's briefly take a look at the entrance without further ado. In short, I use its own definitions.

    Programming language
    JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that is widely used in web browsers.

    Frameworks (Full Stack)
    Node.JS is an operating environment developed for open source, server side and network -connected applications. Node.js applications are usually developed using the client side of the javascript, the script language.

    Code Sharing & Version Control System

    Github is a web -based storage service for software development projects that use Git as version control system. Github offers paid membership options for special warehouses and is free for open source projects.

    JavaScript Library

    Reactjs, or React.JS, an open source web application roof for creating a user interface. Developed by a developer group under the leadership of Facebook, ReactJS has been created in accordance with the Model-View-Controller principle.

    Version control system
    ‘Go is a speed -oriented, distributed version control and source code management system used in software development processes.

    Go is a free and open source distribution version Control System Design to Handle Everything from Small to Verge

    Programming language

    Python is a high -level programming language with object -oriented, interpreted and interactive and interactive. The simple syntax based on recesses makes it easier for language to learn and remain in mind. This gives him the ability to be a language that can be started to be made without losing time with the details of the syntax.

    Weelme to
    The Official Home of the Python Programming Language

    Virtual Machinery Platform & Virtualization Technology

    Docker is a computer program that provides virtualization at the operating system level, also known as “container. The first version was released in 2013. Docker is used to run software packages called “container ..


    MySQL is a multi -users, multi -user, fast and robust database management system with more than six million systems. Although it is distributed free of charge for UNIX, OS/2 and Windows platforms, there is also a paid license option for those who want to use a commercial license.


    Mongodb; Mongodb Inc. It is the NOSQL database application developed by Document -based, C ++. MongodB is storage of data in JSON type documents, semantic fields vary from document to document and the data structure can be changed over time.

    The Most Popular Database for Modern Apps
    USED by Millions of Developers to Power The World's Most Innovative Products and Services The Document Model Mongodb is

    Programming language

    Java is a set of software produced by Sun Microsystems and helps to develop software applications. The usage area of Java extends from embedded devices to mobile phones, from corporate servers to super computers.

    Java | Oracle
    Get Started with Java Today

    Interface Package Manager

    NPM JavaScript is a package management system developed for the script language and is accepted by Node.JS as standard. The NPM is operated from the command line and provides addiction management for applications.

    JavaScript. Enterprise Grade. Bring Your Development Under One Roof, and Get a Handle on Your Company's Open Source…

    Team with the team

    Slack is a cloud -based team cooperation application. It was founded by Canadian developer Stewart Butterfield. The name is derived from the initials of the phrase “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge .. Historically, it works in a structure similar to the logic of operation of IRC.

    Slack is what works. Its Where The Peope You Need, The Formation You Share, and the Tools You Use Come on

    JavaScript Library

    JQuery is an open source Javascript library developed by John Resig in 2006 and currently developing by a large JQuery team.

    Jquery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

    Code Sharing & Version Control System

    Gitlab is a web -based git warehouse management application. Continuous integration, continuous delivery, error recording, code review and Viki support. As of August 2017, it is developed by 171 team members in 31 different countries. In addition, more than 1200 people contributed to a total of.

    The First Single Application for the Enrere Devops Lifecycle - Gitlab
    "From Project Planning and Source Code Management to CI/CD and Monitoring, Gitlab is a Complete Devops Platform…


    Postgresql is a database management system that uses the relationship model for databases and supports the SQL standard query language. Postgresql is also a Database Management System with safe and wide features. It works on almost all UNIX or UNIX derivative operating systems.

    Postgresql: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Database
    Postgresql is a powerful, Open Source Object-Relational Database System with Over 30 Years of Active Development that…

    Web server

    NGİNX; It is a web server designed with high simultaneous working capability, high performance and low memory use. It can also be used as an inverse proxy server, load balancing and HTTP captain.

    NGİNX News
    Unit-1.11.0 Version Has Been Released, Featuring Static Content Support, Application Namespace Isolation, and Support…

    API test tool

    Postman is the tool used to share, test, prepare and monitor APIs.

    Software language

    PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is produced for the internet, server -sided, very wide -use, general purpose, script and programming language that can be buried in HTML. The development of the PHP, which was created by Rasmus Lerdorf for the first time in 1995, is carried out by the PHP community today.

    PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    Fast, Flexible and Pragmatic, Php Powers Everyshing from your blog to the Most Popular Websites in the World.


    Redis is a data structure server. Open source, memory use, key-value warehouse. Redis means “remote dictionary server .. The most commonly used key-value database according to various sources. Since June 2015, it has been supported by Redis Labs.

    Redis is an Open Source (BSD Licensed), In-Memory Data Structure Store, USED AS A DATABASE, CACHE AND MESSAGE BROKER…

    Search service

    Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. It provides a multi -users talented full text search engine distributed with the HTTP web interface and JSON documents that do not contain schema. Elasticsearch was developed with Java.

    Elasticsearch: Restful, Distributed Search & Analytics | Elastic
    Distributed, Open Source Search and Analytics Engine Design for Horizontal Scalability, Reliability, and Easy…

    Continuous integration / CI

    Jenkins is a free and open source automation server written with Java. Jenkins helps to automate the non -human part of the software development process by facilitating the technical aspects of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

    Jenkins - an Open Source Automation Server Enables Developers Around the World to Reliably Build, Test, and…

    Project management

    Jira is a registered problem developed by Atlassian and providing error tracking and agile project management.

    Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian
    Plan, Track, and Manage Your Agile and Software Development Projects in Jira. Customize Your Workflow, Collaborate, and…

    23 -azon EC2
    Cloud platform

    The Amazon Elastic Information Processing Cloud allows users to rent a virtual computer that will run their computer applications, creating a central part of's cloud information platform Amazon Web Services.

    Amazon EC2
    Secure and Resizable Compute Capacity in the Cloud. Launch Applications? Amazon…

    Project management

    Trello is a web -based project management application. It was developed under Fog Creek Software until the Trello company was established. Trello is in the aid with Freemium as a business model and also other Fog Creek products.

    Infinitely Flexible. Incredibly Easy to Use. Great mobile apps. Its free. Trello Keeps Track of Everyting, from the…

    Programming language

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