Expert Systems

01/10/2024Expert Systems
Expert Systems

 Expert systems are systems that can reach results from cause to effect or causes from effect, based on information compiled from real people in a specific field of expertise.[1]It was developed by researchers in the field of artificial intelligence in the 1970s and began to be implemented comm..

01/10/2024Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems
Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems

 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE• It is designed to solve any human problem.• EXPERT SYSTEM• It is designed to solve a problem that is solved by an expert system.EXPERT SYSTEMS DESCRIPTION• Expert systems are knowledge-based systems and solve problems in a broader perspective.It is an applicati..

01/10/2024Decision Support Systems
Decision Support Systems

 About decisions to be madeBy understanding the data better, you can use it more effectivelycreating decision options,identifying alternatives andsupport in evaluation functionsproviding and making the right decisionsystems that increase the probability.Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems ..

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