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01/12/2024Semantic Web Technologies
Semantic Web Technologies

 The semantic web is not an artificial intelligence, but it can use artificial intelligence This technology reveals smart data that the machine can understand. MachineThe concept of intelligent data that he can understand is that the machine's ability to solve a well -d..

01/12/2024WEB 1.0-WEB 2.0-WEB 3.0-WEB 4.0 - Semantic Web
WEB 1.0-WEB 2.0-WEB 3.0-WEB 4.0 - Semantic Web

Nowadays, ontology creation is usually done by computer software developers.The creation of ontology shortens the definition and results of the works to be done. In the structural transformations of institutions with the spread of ontology in the future,In task definitions and business sharesThe dec..

01/12/2024Web And Semantic Web
Web And Semantic Web

Web 3.0Web 3.0 can be considered as an individualized web. This “Semantic Web”… Artificial Intelligence…“Semantic” means the meaning of a word in its most basic form.With the Web 3.0, it will no longer be understood not only the words contained in a document, but also the “meaning” i..

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